Saturday, November 06, 2004

Is a 'civil cold war' starting in America?

If so, it seems the media is fueling it or ignoring it: look at this headline: "Americans flock to Canada's immigration Web site"

Recent events

If you have not noticed, Republicans are claiming, with a slim majority, to have a widespread mandate to ‘adjust’ the government to what they think is a new conservative paradigm.

George Bush received the most votes of any president in history. Dick Cheney said that. Wow, that must sound so convincing if you read “The Drudge Report”, but did you know John Kerry received the second most votes in American election history? Doesn’t anyone bother to mention to Dick that the population of the USA is also bigger than ever? Certainly not the big media. Dick Cheney didn’t include that part when he self proclaimed this huge mandate. That about sums up the state of the Republican Party: half the facts, half the morals, lots of lapel pins.

The most people in history vote against a candidate, and Bush claims a clear mandate?

Stop the corporate corruption

Sour grapes? Sure, some, I admit it. There are more players in this game than R vs. D. Republicans + corporate interest (including ‘big media’) leave you with the feeling that you just exited a meat grinder where you just wanted a fair election. “Big Media” doesn’t help when editors squash stories, leaving Americans less informed than they should be.

I spent more time over the last 4 years thinking about how smartly the right wing was manipulating the system towards this single goal of re-election. At the same time I watched how the media was not pushing this obvious narrative. From Iraq, to Medicare, to fear mongering and then the kicker of ‘gay marriage’ being on so many ‘swing state’ ballots: “Big media” won’t say that politicians use war for political gain, but they know. Journalism is also a source of income… keeping a salary means keeping their reputations safe. Risks management seems to have taken hold in big media and since you can’t get the narrative right, small fries must protect the freedom fries of the press. You can’t even get the narrative printed in America. You are not asking the hard questions anymore, you are self-interested and scared of retributions, the White House daily briefing is a morgue of talking points. 60 minutes killed a segment on the uranium claims from Niger. Nobody speaks in the big media anymore… just another way that fear has penetrated thru our society.

See, the Republicans KNEW that America was not ready for a vote on gays, so they used a minority to gain in the electorate. Hey, all you journalists, what do you call that when you are in private with your friends, those words that you never print? Remember that word that during the civil rights movement was spoken of, and also in the Northeast where slaves ran to hide from oppression? You hardly used it with Trent Lott but you know. Or what about those large numbers of minority votes that keep getting tossed in every election? Remember racism, big media?

All the journalists out there in their big positions won’t risk the backlash, so the people who seek progressive policies get more and more dismayed at the growing corruption. Everyone ‘inside’ knows Abu Ghraib went up high: nobody reports it. What has happened? Cover up culture triggered by labels of liberal bias? You cannot keep telling us your intentions are good… what have you done for us lately? Abu Ghraib is potentially bigger than Watergate, yet it’s not a story. Who are these editors? Are they competent or corrupted, with all the facts needed to print on their desks… why isn’t attention being paid to our American failings as a people anymore? Torture is not even news in America now folks!

Golden-gay-gate Bridge crossing to minority rule

Old big media isn’t saying it, but they know Republicans, as a ploy to bring out the most ‘conservative’ of their people, used the ‘gay’ thing as a way to get more votes for Bush. Does John Kerry know this, sure; will he say anything about it? No. Risks further alienation. Gays have civil rights in a number of countries already, so this is not news, but America is not ready for that, so they were used as a pawn to get the more 'conservative' lot out to vote.

We cannot just pick battles of substance and allow the other side to manipulate us with battles of symbolism. Georgia's Confederate flag vote cost a governorship and Max Cleland a Senate seat. It was a gift to Republicans and they now use this tactic to devastating affect. Its inappropriate use peoples prejudiced tendencies (so you keep them uneducated to keep a wedge stashed away when it’s convenient).

The civil war in America was fought in large part over the rights of blacks in society. A white minority wanted what a majority recognized as immoral. What happened to gays in the 2004 election was also immoral. These kinds of tricks hurt people and the gay community have been used as a tool.

Gays, to help this process, should temper some of the fanaticism which exists inside their communities because right now in time, American culture has not adjusted to it yet. To many it was a shock to see people of the same sex kissing in marriages in San Francisco. More sensitivity should be been paid to the Midwest, which, judging by these votes, is a region still adjusting to this reality. Help yourselves get your rights by not creating ‘civil shock and awe’. Be patient.

Graves gone Ghraib but turn on Gays

It seems all of you (Rep, Dem, big corporate media) are on message; just like Abu Ghraib. Ever hear either John mention this tragedy? Hmm, didn’t Big Media also totally ignore it after about 10 pictures of the thousands? Bush, ha ha. It’s grave.

At this point in history, the media has an opportunity to educate the public about gays and Ghraib. Watch and see if they step up. See if they really care about the level of training and education given to our soldiers. See if they care about this social divide by acting like bridge between the 2 sides or are going to be out there stoking the flames or worse, shut the conversation up altogether and accept their “mandate”.

Voter’s votes aren’t sacred enough –hmm, neither are jobs

In the United States 3 percent of votes cast are uncounted because the ballots cast are inconclusive. Drawing on what happened in Florida and studies of elections past, counting Ohio’s votes would turn the state. Bush won Ohio by 136,483 votes (as of today).

There were disproportionate Democratic votes uncounted in New Mexico. Hispanic voters are five times as likely to have their vote spoil as a white voter and twice as likely to vote for Kerry.

Making sure every vote counts equally means changes.

A friend confided in me that they were worried people are going to start secretly firing employees that they find out is not from the party of that company's political click. Wait, sorry, they call that ‘laying off’ these days.

Job security has gone so far to the right that we are being laid off at moments notice with no compensation, contracts being cancelled at a moments notice and unions deteriorate. Isn’t that another good reason to get corporations out of politics? Some more job security folks? So many people have bought a nice home and then two years later are laid off in an economy losing jobs. Our social welfare is being sacrificed too much by competitive interests. While that happens a small few are secure in their jobs and often land in piles of gold.

Many others have also told me they are sick of the deteriorating level of job security in the US. Where we have the bar between corporate competition and social interest seems unreasonably low, and boy, so does that minimum wage too. It is time to make a stand on both. We need a decent vote and to count a bit more on a job for security, we are getting less voice in our futures –not more. Security is so important these days, just like conservation… right? Depends on what kind… and who’s right and who isn’t in the right. There is a difference between a right turn and being right.

Time to also make Election Day a holiday so those that people are at least able (like those that are old and must still work) can have a voice, because that is another sneaky game to force people to work on a day you gloss in lapel pins and patriotic acts (which nobody actually reads).

I suggest Democrats push for a law which requires voter register at the age of 18. That way we stop the hijinks surrounding voter registration laws. It’s a national election; it should be a national law.

Big media must get the Republican redistricting and constant attempts at voter suppression out and get it right – you are allowing a new type of segregationism to take place.
Kerry was beating Bush in Ohio (women by 53 to 47 percent/men, 51 to 49) CNN's exit poll showed. Unless green men voted in Ohio, a lot of Democratic ballots were getting chucked! Cannonfire is closely following the situation.

Liberal bias sting: Rush and the importance of the O’Really? Factor.

The media underreport the right wing today. It was not always this way, but today in time, its noticeable the pendulum has tilted. I think the problem is that the left polices itself and also the other side, the right just polices the other side and ignores its own faults. There is enough conservative tilted media out there like Fox to now end the liberal bias label.

Clinton was the watershed though, I think. As Democrats were hammering the corruption on the right and it was getting attention in the media, Clinton’s behavior created a problem for Democrats

Clinton has something to do with that paintbrush swath of red up the middle of America … his failings in office cemented a belief, thru infidelity, that Democrats were a party of immoral, un-religious people. Al Gore couldn’t get back what was lost, so to me, Bush was not the watershed because it was Clinton who lost that popularity in many places. Gore would have had it otherwise. But think about this contradiction: Clinton was reported in every detail… sentence after sentence of that report reprinted everywhere… Abu Ghraib? The Bulge? Medicare chief’s threatening? New Pentagon Papers?

The right must correct problems making the left of America nervous

Stop bashing our sense of morality and behaving like you own it. We see duplicity, and Clinton’s mistake is certainly not indicative of the party as a whole and the entire party should not be discounted for it.

Let homosexuals at least have the rights other couples have and give them the freedom to live wherever they would like. Don’t start marking out ‘strait only’ territory. Stop congressional redistricting in its current form. America is not a country club. Slaves were also not given many of these same rights like inheritance. The Supreme Court also recently ruled on a similar topic.

Police your own side more. We can’t do it all. We don’t want to talk about it anymore than you do, so clean yourselves up of those outdated sensibilities and corporate ties.

Facts not lies

If you fight the good fight from a position of weakness then you will lose. The facts should guide the way for both parties, start using theology to defend democratic principles.

It is also time to start a progressive newspaper in the Midwest, as a way to bridge the differences in ideas.


At November 9, 2004 at 2:46 PM, Blogger Political Commentator said...

The latest news about alleged shenanigans at Halliburton, some of which may have occurred on Cheney's watch, serves as a timely warning for the Bush administration: Second terms are often beset by scandal. President Bill Clinton was impeached in the Monica S. Lewinsky affair. President Ronald Reagan endured the Iran-contra scandal. And President Richard M. Nixon had Watergate

At November 9, 2004 at 2:49 PM, Blogger Political Commentator said...

We were able to put together a reasonably solid 15 minutes or so on the voting irregularities in Florida and Ohio on Monday’s Countdown. There was some You-Are-There insight from the Cincinnati Enquirer reporter who had personally encountered the ‘lockdown’ during the vote count in Warren County, Ohio, a week ago, and a good deal of fairly contained comment from Representative John Conyers of Michigan, who now leads a small but growing group of Democratic congressmen who’ve written the General Accountability Office demanding an investigation of what we should gently call the Electronic Voting Angst. Conyers insisted he wasn’t trying to re-cast the election, but seemed mystified that in the 21st Century we could have advanced to a technological state in which voting— fine, flawed, or felonious— should leave no paper trail.

At November 9, 2004 at 2:50 PM, Blogger Political Commentator said...

There, 52 counties tallied their votes using paper ballots that were then optically scanned by machines produced by Diebold, Sequoia, or Election Systems and Software. 29 of those Florida counties had large Democratic majorities among registered voters (as high a ratio as Liberty County— Bristol, Florida and environs— where it’s 88 percent Democrats, 8 percent Republicans) but produced landslides for President Bush. On Countdown, we cited the five biggest surprises (Liberty ended Bush: 1,927; Kerry: 1,070), but did not mention the other 24.

At November 9, 2004 at 4:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post. Sometimes the truth leaves a bad taste in one's mouth too, not just grapes. It's a little like the girl that claims she's not pregnant. It's only a matter of time until the United States of Blue will be saying, "we told you so."

At November 9, 2004 at 4:26 PM, Blogger Political Commentator said...

The first thing I did to steal your election was to make friends with ALL the manufacturers and code-verifyers of the Electronic Voting Machines. They were really nice, especially Diebold who gave me $600,000 for my campaign. Wow, thanks dude!

Next, I had my attack dog, Karl Rove, convince these companies to either alter the vote totals on the central tabulator machines (simple PCs running windows using Remote Access Server -- RAS), or reprogram (via a downloadable software patch) the voting machines themselves so that they would give the advantage to ME! Isn't America great?!? A little money and some religious zealotry goes a looooong, loooong way. Oh, the religious zealotry thing? That's just a cover. I'm not really a Christian -- or at least I don't act like one. Anyway, I digress.

Did you ever hear the media complaining about how inaccurate the exit polls were in prior elections? No. That's because they basically ARE accurate. But this election, the exit polls showed Kerry WAY ahead. No problem. My buddies rigged the machines (and all they needed to do was rig it in one state, Ohio, but they took care of at least Florida for me too) not only to make me squeak by in the important battleground states, like Florida and Ohio, but they also made sure that when I did get a state that I was expected to win, the margin was HUGE so that my "popular" vote would make it look like I had a mandate.

So let's recap how the popular vote thing worked again. Let's say we didn't want it to look suspicious by taking states that Kerry really would have won (except for Ohio and Florida, gotta take those! heh heh). So we let him win there, but in order once again to boost the "popular" vote (I put that in quotes because as you know, I'm not REALLY popular), we bring my vote tallies RIGHT UP NEXT to Kerry's, to jack up the "popular" vote as much as possible, even if I didn't win the state.

Then, with states like North Carolina, we know we're going to steal the state anyway (at least according to what the exit polls were telling everyone.... and according to the long, long lines of new voters were telling everyone ... because we all know most of those people were voting for Kerry, not the status quo), so we just jack the crap out of the vote total to REALLY stuff a crapload of "popular" votes in my pocket. You see, this way I can get on the TV and declare that I have a "mandate" and that I'm going to "cash in" on my political "capital" (which I don't really have of course, but we made it look that way).

Here's a nice chart to show you what I mean. Take special note of how the electronic voting machine totals compare to the paper ballot totals. And see what I mean about North Carolina?

Look folks, if you really want me out of office, first you're going to have to impeach me. But you know what, if you don't have verifiable paper trails at the polls like these folks recommend ( ), and if you don't take these voting machines out of the hands of private companies that are aligned with one end of the political spectrum, then I'm gonna just continue to hose you (and then my brother Jeb will be president too cause we're into this dynasty thing, kind of like my buddies the Saudis... ain't it cool?!?). Also, in 2006, we're going to steal about five more senate seats, and then we'll have the "super-majority". That means the Democrats can't do that confounded fillerbs... fillas.... fillbusters.... CRAP, well, they can't get in the darn way any more and we can pass ANY laws we want about ANYTHING and put whoever we want on the Supreme court. Ha ha, then you're REALLY screwed. So if you don't fix this mess (I mean great system) in two years and have a verifiable voting system nationwide, America is MINE!!!!! (and Jeb's and my daddy's and Cheney's and Rove's... hey, we could even pass a law saying I could be president for FOUR MORE YEARS after 2008! That would be SOOO cool!) Anyway, I digress once again.

Here's one of my favorite sites:

And that pesky Bev Harris. Man I wish she would go away. If too many of you contribute to her cause, I might just get in trouble so KNOCK IT OFF!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Fool me once.....", oh CRAP, I forgot again. Well how about this? "This would be a heck of lot easier if this was [grammar incorrect] a dictatorship.... just so long as I'm the dictator. Heh, heh." Well, sorry to say folks, but I got my way. What are you gonna do about it, huh? Bring it on!!!

At November 10, 2004 at 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From a lawyer who was in there in Ohio. A database of voter irregularities is reportedly being assembled, and hopefully there will be web sites devoted to documenting what really happened.

At November 12, 2004 at 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, believe me, I don't want you guys to shut up. I want you guys to keep it up and tell us even more often how stupid we are, because we've got another candidate to put in the Whitehouse in '08 and we won't be able to do it without your help. Keep up the good work!


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